Living Yoga: Foundation

The primary focus is for you to use your emotions, experiences and thoughts for your own wellbeing.  We’ll begin the healing journey here, moving from being defined by the past to using even the painful past as a tool for wellbeing.

This is part of the full year, Living Yoga program.  You can participate in this stand-alone program for $450.


  • None

Key benefits

  • Yoga practices designed for YOU!
  • Release the pain of the past by healing now.
  • Develop a strong body and a strong mind.
  • If you already practice you, we will radically change the starting point of yoga.

Key techniques used in this program

  • Bowing Breath
  • Three Keys of Consciousness
  • Yoga Nidra
  • Traditional Yoga Postures
  • Weekly & Monthly Reporting
  • Weekly discussion, practice and Q&A sessions
  • Yoga Philosophy:  The Atma Gita, Yoga Sutras and the Metric Sutras

Request a free scheduling meeting to review options for starting Living Yoga sessions or bringing Living Yoga programs, workshops or retreats to your area.