Living Yoga

With ever growing focus on teacher training programs, the teaching of yoga has become the training of teachers.  This increases the emphasis on reducing what yoga teachers to physical exercises, yoga postures, with occasional hints that yoga might be more than that.

Yoga philosophy, philosophy meaning an approach to living life, is much more than the traditional postures most people think of as yoga.  It is an individualized approach to not just living life but loving the life you live and letting life work for you.

The Living Yoga programs are designed to return to the traditional approach of yoga of the direct teacher-student relationship.  This individual appproach gives you the full benefit of Living Yoga in your life and letting life work for you.


Living Yoga: Foundation (26 sessions, $450)
Living Yoga: Exploration (26 sessions, $450)
Living Yoga: Deep Dive (26 sessions, $450)
Living Yoga: All three (78 sessions, $1,200)

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