Living Yoga: Deep Dive

All along the way, we’ve explore how to use yoga as a philosophy, a way to live everyday life.  In this Deep Dive, we’ll take that exploration even further and give you the tools you need to master any yogic technique.  More importantly, you will discover how to move through life with effortless ease and let life work for you.

This is part of the full year, Living Yoga program.  You can participate in this stand-alone program for $1,500.

Key Benefits

  • Build on what was experienced in the Exploration program.
    • Mastering 1 technique is great.  Experience how that allows you to use ANY technique.
  • Discover life’s Map and how to follow it.
  • Let Life Work For You.
  • Join the Living Yoga Community worldwide.

Key techniques used in this program

  • All previous techniques
  • Meditation in Motion
  • Yoga Philosophy:  The Atma Gita and Life As Scripture

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